IT Strategy & Innovation

IT Strategy & Innovation

Edition 5.0 | Copyright 2022 | Publication Date: November 2021

James D. McKeen, Queen’s University
Heather A. Smith, Queen’s University


IT Strategy & Innovation examines how IT is changing organizations and explores the dialogue around critical issues. Edition 5.0 is divided into four sections: 1) Business Value. How people, processes, and technologies work together to deliver value with IT; 2) IT-Business Partnership. The structures, processes and roles that guide the partnership between IT and Business; 3) IT-Enabled Innovation. Challenges to innovating with IT; and, 4) IT Strategy. How IT strategy is more about guardrails for adopting technology as opposed to solutions. The text combines the experiences and insights of senior IT managers from leading-edge organizations with thorough academic research to illustrate important issues and show IT strategy in action within contemporary businesses.


• Learn proven strategies and best practices from leading-edge organizations.
• Explore the dialogue around critical IT issues within their organizational context.
• Employ problem-based learning using mini cases that animate issues and focus classroom discussions on real-world decisions.

New in Edition 5.0

• Eleven new chapters addressing emergent IT issues.
• Video interviews with CIOs discussing key issues.
• New end-of-chapter Review Questions and expanded Discussion Questions in each chapter.
• New Instructors Manual with teaching suggestions and solutions to chapter review and discussion questions; improved slides; and, a test bank with a greater variety of question types. 


Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents PDF


Section I: Delivering Value with IT
Chapter 1: From Technology to Value
Chapter 2: Developing IT Strategy for Business Value
Chapter 3: Advancing a Data Strategy
Chapter 4: Creating and Evolving a Digital Strategy
Chapter 5: IT in the Cloud: Delivering Value Differently
Section I Mini Cases

Section II: IT-Business Partnership
Chapter 6: Effective Governance for IT Value
Chapter 7: The IT Budgeting Process
Chapter 8: Cyber Risk and the Enterprise
Chapter 9: Building IT-Business Partnerships
Chapter 10: What to Do about Shadow IT?
Section II Mini Cases

Section III: IT-Enabled Innovation
Chapter 11: Developing Thought Leaders in IT
Chapter 12: Managing Disruption in IT
Chapter 13: Enabling Personalization with IT
Chapter 14: Enhancing the Employee Experience with IT
Chapter 15: Moving to an API Economy
Chapter 16: Engaging with Artificial Intelligence
Section III Mini Cases

Section IV: IT Management
Chapter 17: The New World of IT Work
Chapter 18: Managing Emerging Technologies
Chapter 19: Information Security and Enablement
Chapter 20: Developing New IT Talent Management Capabilities
Chapter 21: Coping with Technical Debt
Section IV Mini Cases

About the Authors

James D. McKeen is Professor Emeritus at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. He has worked in the IT field for many years as a practitioner, researcher, and consultant. In 2018, he joined Empire Life as interim SVP and CTO. He now serves as a technology and strategy adviser. Dr. McKean has taught at universities in the U.S. as well as abroad in the U.K., France, and Germany. He was named the 2011 “IT Educator of the Year” by ComputerWorld Canada. The previous edition of this textbook– IT Strategy: Issues and Practices – was the best-selling business book in Canada (Globe and Mail, April 2012).

James D. McKeen

Heather A. Smith is a Senior Research Associate at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. She was named the most published researcher on IT management issues in two successive studies (2006, 2009). She is also a Senior Research Associate with the American Society for Information Management’s Advanced Practices Council. A former IT manager, she is co-director of the IT Management Forum that facilitates inter-organizational learning among senior IT executives.

Heather A. Smith

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IT Strategy & Innovation

James D. McKeen, Queen’s University
Heather A. Smith, Queen’s University

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Publication date: March 05, 2018

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Issues and Practices

James D. McKeen, Queen’s University
Heather A. Smith, Queen’s University

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