Association for Information Systems (AIS)

AIS is the central organization serving the field of information systems. They run academic conferences and provide other resources for members, such as career services and eLibrary access. 

Prospect Press attends and exhibits at many AIS conferences, especially AMCIS, ICIS, MWAIS, SAIS, and NEAIS.


Association for IS Women’s Network (AISWN)

AISWN promotes a network for supporting women scholars in information systems. AISWN facilitates mentorship relationships that speed the success of women in the information systems field.

As a woman-led-company, Prospect Press is very pleased to promote diversity in the field of IS, and regularly sponsors AISWN networking events.


Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS)

CAIS facilitates communication among association members by publishing articles on a wide range of subjects of interest to the membership, including but not limited to teaching cases, research results, debates, panel discussions, and other topics of interest to the global community.



(Information Systems & Computing
Academic Professionals|Education Special Interest Group)

ISCAP-EDSIG (formerly just EDSIG) promotes and strengthens information systems education and applied research by encouraging dialog, facilitating collaboration between industry and academia, and disseminating innovations and best practices. 

Prospect Press greatly admires their commitment and accomplishments. 


ISCAP Conference and Conference on IS Applied Research

ISCAP-EDSIG focuses on sharing IS pedagogy ideas and presenting applied IS research findings. 

Prospect Press regularly exhibits at this conference. It is an exceedingly welcoming and warm community.

Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE)

JISE is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that focuses on IS education, pedagogy, and curriculum including (but not limited to) teaching cases, model curriculum, course projects/cases, course materials, curriculum design & implementation, outcomes assessment, distance education challenges, capstone learning projects, and technology selection & impact.

Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ)

ISEDJ is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that focuses on IS education including (but not limited to) model curriculum, outcomes assessment, distance education challenges, capstone and service learning projects.

Ivey Publishing

Ivey Publishing is associated with the Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. We regularly meet their representatives when they exhibit at IS meetings. Their representatives have been exceedingly friendly and helpful. Ivey Publishing provides selected teaching cases and teaching notes for classroom use. They have over 1,000 cases on Information Systems and tens of thousands of others. They typically charge under $5 USD for a single purchase of a digital or print copy. We have purchased cases from them for use in our books in the past and have had very positive experiences. Our experience is that they are an asset to the IS field providing quality products at a modest price and excellent service.


Journal of Information Systems Applied Research (JISAR)

JISAR is a peer-reviewed open-access journal that focuses on IS applied research including (but not limited to) business intelligence, data management, cloud and virtualization, information systems strategies, knowledge management, telecommunications, security and web technologies.