About Prospect Press

About Us

Prospect Press publishes textbooks across the Information Systems curriculum including introductory, core, upper-level, elective, and emerging courses. Our family-owned company has strived to produce good books at student-friendly prices since 2014.



Prospect Press was founded to serve the Information Systems curriculum by publishing essential and innovative textbooks across the curriculum including introductory, emerging, elective, and upper-level courses. We now also offer textbooks for select Data Analytics and Programming courses, especially for courses offered in conjunction with an Information Systems program. We offer reasonable prices by selling directly to students. We provide tight relationships between authors, publisher, and adopters that larger publishers generally do not offer.


We are major sponsors of the following professional meetings: 

  • The Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS)
  • The International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS)
  • The Midwest Association of Information Systems (MWAIS)
  • The New England Association of Information Systems (NEAIS)
  • The Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS)
  • ACM SIGMIS Special Interest Group on Management Information Systems, Computers and People
  • ACM SIGITE Special Interest Group on Information Technology Education
  • EDSIG Conference Computing Education (EDSIGCON), and

  • The AIS Women’s Network.

Prospect Press is a proud member of Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility and continually supports their mission of protecting the natural, human, and economic environments through thoughtful business practices.