Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics

Understanding the Business Context

Edition 1.1 | Copyright 2019 | Publication Date: August 2018

Nada R. Sanders, Northeastern University


Supply Chain Analytics: Understanding the Business Context addresses an important gap in a thorough education in supply chain management. Unlike the many texts explicating the various mathematical aspects of supply chain management, this textbook illuminates the qualitative side of supply chain analytics. First, it teaches students to identify and ask relevant questions. Second, it helps students make decisions based on output from analytics algorithms. Through business examples and stories, it shows how to use systems thinking and interdisciplinary understanding to apply analytics-driven insights across the supply chain.


Relevancy Through Real-Life Examples
Use compelling opening stories and original mini-cases dealing with real-life issues to make concepts tangible.

Interdisciplinary Coverage
Take advantage of interdisciplinary coverage in every chapter to show how multiple functions are linked through analytic problem-solving.

End-of-Chapter Features Confirm and Enhance Understanding
Review each chapter with an end-of-chapter highlight of key terms and concepts. Take deeper dives using the endnotes.

Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents PDF
  • Part I: Big Data-Driven Supply Chains
  • Chapter 1: A Game Changer
  • Chapter 2: Transforming Supply Chains
  • Chapter 3: Barriers to Implementation

  • Part II: Impact on Supply Chain Levers
  • Chapter 4: Impact on “Sell”
  • Chapter 5: Impact on “Make”
  • Chapter 6: Impact on “Move”
  • Chapter 7: Impact on “Buy”

  • Part III: The Framework
  • Chapter 8: The Roadmap
  • Chapter 9: Making It Work
  • Chapter 10: Leading Organizational Change

About the Author

Nada R. Sanders is Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. Dr. Sanders is an internationally recognized thought leader in forecasting and supply chain management. She is the author of two other related books: Supply Chain Management: A Global Perspective and Operations Management. Her research focuses on the most effective ways for organizations to use technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

Nada R. Sanders

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