Enterprise Networks

Enterprise Networks

Infrastructure & Security

Edition 1.0 | Copyright 2025 | Publication Date: May 2024

Thomas L. Case, Georgia Southern University


Enterprise Networks: Infrastructure & Security explains today’s business networks, in all their realistic complexity. The textbook provides an overview of networking and communication technologies including the expanding uses of the cloud, the internet, and IoT, and, of great importance today, the security technologies that protect them. In this manner, students develop an integrated understanding of today’s business networks technologies, how they are interrelated, how they work, and how they are evolving.

Given its business focus, Enterprise Networks is highly appropriate for use in Information System and Business programs. However, the coverage has sufficient depth and breadth for students in Information Technology and Computer Science programs.


Provide a Business Orientation
Familiarize your students with the technologies and security capabilities they will encounter in business. To this end, each chapter includes a realistic end-of-chapter minicase.

Maintain an Enterprise Perspective
Enterprise systems (like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Syspro, etc.) are widespread in industry. This textbook explores the use of networking and security technologies within the context of enterprise systems.

Promote a Systematic Comprehension with Layered Models
Networking and security are embedded within typically complex systems. Traditional layered models (OSI and TCP/IP) have been successfully used to integrate an understanding of basic networking functions. In addition to these, this textbook adds richer, enterprise-oriented models including the Three-Layer Hierarchical Model used for network design and equipment deployment; Defense in Depth to structure layers of security; and Enterprise Architecture a systematic approach to an integrated understanding of the place of network technologies, the security of each, and their role in the overall function of a business enterprise.  

Explore a Wide Range of Technologies
Cover all contemporary communication and networking technologies within an integrated framework including, among others, the cloud, the internet, and IoT.

Integrate Coverage of Security
Each chapter includes one or more sections that pinpoint topical security issues and remedies. Security is too important to enterprise networks to be relegated to a catch-all chapter or two.


“[Enterprise Networks] is timely and will be helpful for [business schools] struggling to find an enterprise network textbook that offers a good balance of technical and business concepts.… It communications the most important technical concepts relating to networking in a way that is non-threatening to someone without any background in technology.… I believe students will find it relatable.”
--Dr. Uchenna Peters, New Mexico State University

[Enterprise Networks] covers key Internet of Things applications that students can easily relate to business requirements, and gives a good overview of the current state of the art of IoT.”
--Dr. Abelmounaam Rezgui, Illinois State University

"We must all be aware of security needs and how to prevent security threats and intrusions into our networks. It’s great that security is brought into every chapter which is a key distinction of this great book. It keeps its focus on security."
-- Dr. Luell Thompson, University of Texas at Dallas

Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents PDF


Section I: EN Overview
Chapter 1: Enterprise Networks: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Enterprise Network Applications
Chapter 3: Enterprise Network Data
Chapter 4: Network Communication Models

Section II: EN Components
Chapter 5: Enterprise Networks & The Internet
Chapter 6: Wired Networks in Business Facilities
Chapter 7: Wireless Networks in Business Facilities
Chapter 8: Connecting Enterprise Network Locations: Wide Area Networks
Chapter 9: Enterprise Networks and the Internet of Things
Section II: EN Management & Security
Chapter 10: Enterprise Network Design and Management
Chapter 11: Enterprise Network Security
Chapter 12: Protecting Endpoints, Applications, and Data

About the Author

Thomas L. Case is an Emeritus Professor of Information Systems from Georgia Southern University. As chair he helped the department shift its focus to ERP systems and data analytics. Over his career, the university has bestowed on him their awards for Excellence in Instruction and Excellence in Service.  His research interests include enterprise systems, IS curriculum and pedagogy, technology adoption and diffusion, digital disruption, and big data. For more than 10 years he served as managing editor of the Journal of Informatics Education and Research. He also served on the board of the Journal of Information Systems Education (JISE) and several other journals. Dr. Case served on the Association for Information Systems (AIS) Executive Council and played a key role in the founding of the Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS). Dr. Case is a renowned author. His previous textbooks have addressed Business Data Communications (now in its 7th edition), Managing Local Area Networks, and Management Information Systems: Strategy and Action. In retirement, he has continued his teaching, research, and writing. 

Thomas L. Case

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