Web Development for Business

Web Development for Business

A Complete Approach to Front-End and Server-Side Development

Edition 1.0 | Copyright 2022 | Publication Date: November 2021

George C. Philip, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Jakob Iversen, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh


A major challenge in learning web development is understanding how the functionality of a web application is split between one or more servers and a web browser client. Web Development for Business presents both front-end and back-end technologies as well as database interactions (see cover illustration). This comprehensive textbook covers HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, AJAX, JavaScript, ASP.NET Web Forms, Razor Pages, Core MVC, some C# and SQL as necessary.  The breadth and depth of coverage is suitable for a two-course sequence. Alternate pathways through the book can effectively serve single-semester courses with different focuses.


Provide an in-depth introduction to both front-end and back-end web technologies and their interactions
Cover HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, AJAX, ASP.NET Web Forms, Razor Pages and Core MVC in detail in a single integrated approach. Small chunks of C# code are also presented in some of the later chapters. However, full coverage of C# is beyond the scope of this book. For a comprehensive book on C# see Fundamentals of C# Programming for Information Systems by the same author team.

Flexible coverage
Alternative combinations of chapters can be used for courses with more focused coverage.

Motivate and engage your students
Web development concepts are introduced in small chunks with examples, illustrations, and hands-on tutorials. Students see, apply, and learn successive development techniques as they need them.

Put it all together
A comprehensive web development assignment throughout the book pulls together knowledge on successive topics.

Consolidate knowledge
Using review questions and exercises.

Explore design tradeoffs
Exercises ask students to develop the same applications using alternative frameworks allowing them to directly observe the advantages of various approaches.


Table of Contents

Detailed Table of Contents PDF

Chapter 1: Introduction to Web Application Development
Chapter 2: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Chapter 3: Responsive Web Design with Bootstrap
Chapter 4: Interactive Web Pages: HTML Web Forms
Chapter 5: Interactive Web Pages: JavaScript and Client-Side Scripting
Chapter 6: ASP.NET Web Forms
Chapter 7: C# Server-Side Scripts
Chapter 8: Database Applications
Chapter 9: Multipage Websites
Chapter 10: Data-Bound Lists
Chapter 11: Application State and Cookies
Chapter 12: Common Site Content and Bootstrap Form Layout
Chapter 13: User Authentication
Chapter 14: Interactive Web Pages with Ajax
Chapter 15: Web Services
Chapter 16: Razor Pages
Chapter 17: ASP.NET Core MVC: An Introduction
Chapter 18: ASP.NET Core MVC: Multipage Apps

Appendix A: HTML Elements
Appendix B: Data Organization and SQL
Appendix C: Creating a Database
Appendix D: Object-Oriented Programming
Appendix E: C# Programming Using Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio Community

About the Authors

George C. Philip is Professor Emeritus of Information Systems at the College of Business, The University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh. He has more than twenty-five years of teaching and consulting experience in the information systems field, including computer programming in multiple languages. Dr. Philip also served as chair of the Information Systems Team, and director of the M.S. in Information Systems program. He has published numerous articles in this field.

George C. Philip

Jakob Iversen is a Professor of Information Systems and Associate Dean of the College of Business at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Dr. Iversen led the creation of the Interactive Web Development major. His current research interests include mobile app development, software process improvement, agile software development, and e-collaboration. Dr. Iversen teaches and consults on web development, mobile development, technology innovation, information systems management, strategy and software development processes.

Jakob Iversen

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