Bookstore Frequently Asked Questions

Here are responses to common questions we receive from bookstores.

Bookstore FAQs

Purchase Orders.

All purchase orders are fulfilled and invoiced by our distributors: RedShelf and VitalSource. RedShelf provides print-on-demand paperbacks and eTextbooks. VitalSource provides eTextbooks only. You may contact either distributor directly about price, discount, and shipping information: RedShelf at and VitalSource through your usual channels or visit VitalSource Bulk Order.

Vendor Designation.

Many bookstores are required to set up their sources as vendors. Prospect Press does not sell directly to bookstores. All of our sales are through our distributors. It is the distributor you choose to work with whom you should designate as the vendor.

Bookstore Discount.

RedShelf offers a 10% discount to bookstores for bulk purchases. The list price for students for each title is listed on our website.


All ISBNs are listed on our website. Go to the “Find Textbooks” tab, click on the book you want to order, then scroll to Ordering Information in the green bar.

Print Copies.

Prospect Press offers print-on-demand paperbacks of all of our titles, in addition to eTextbooks. RedShelf is our distributor for paperbacks. You can contact Megan Hejmej ( directly with questions or to place an order.

Shipping Costs and Weight.

Weight and shipping cost information comes from our print distributor, RedShelf. You may contact them directly or ask us to obtain this information on your behalf.


Prospect Press does not issue invoices. These can be obtained from the distributor with whom you choose to work.


Prospect Press print books are print-on-demand. They may not be returned unless there are serious imperfections.


If you can't find your answer here or need help, please contact:

Beth Golub
President & Editor
Office: 802-862-4684