Annie Clark



Annie designs the textbook covers, in collaboration with Andy, Beth, and the authors. She is also involved with anything art related including creating marketing materials, rendering figures for books, editing videos, and contributing photos for the website. Annie loves working at Prospect Press because of the variety of projects, the group collaboration, the family atmosphere, and Andy and Beth’s commitment to their authors.

Annie studied visual arts at Boston University. One of her passions was and continues to be, printing. This interest led to work as a typesetter in a small print shop on Beacon Hill tucked behind the State House. Eventually, she left Boston for a job at a larger press in Burlington, Vermont. Over the course of her career, she has designed labels for consumer products, created digital billboards for the highway, designed for ad agencies, and did production work (file preparation and figure illustration) for trade books and magazines (including The Journal of Light Construction, Remodeling Magazine, Architect Magazine, and Architectural Lighting to name a few).

Living on a hillside in Richmond, Vermont, Annie and her partner Dave enjoy wildlife, hiking the hills of Vermont, snowshoeing, and gardening (much room for improvement). Art is an ongoing joy to Annie. The ever-amazing birds visiting the feeders regularly serve as camera subjects. Making tables from scrap wood is a fun hobby serving to advance her skill with a table saw. She has also returned to painting with acrylics fondly remembering her college studio days. She never tires of painting Camels Hump, an iconic mountain nearby pictured on the Bélanger textbook and on the editorial board page of the Prospect Press website.