Information Systems for Business Podcast 


This podcast series, produced by Dr. Van Slyke, provides a brief introduction to each chapter of the textbook Information Systems for Business, by France Bélanger, Craig Van Slyke, and Robert E. Crossler. Each podcast highlights the chapter material that Dr. Van Slyke personally finds most important. You can access these podcasts below. 


Chapter 1: The Value of Information


Chapter 2: Introduction to Information Systems




Chapter 3: Evaluating Information




Chapter 4: Gaining Strategic Value from Information




Chapter 5: Storing and Organizing Information




Chapter 6: Analyzing Information for Business Decision Making




Chapter 7: Transmitting Information




Chapter 8: Securing Information



Chapter 9: Protecting the Confidentiality and Privacy of Information



Chapter 10: Developing Information Systems



Chapter 11: Information-Based Business Processes



Chapter 12: Enterprise Information Systems



Chapter 13: E-business



Chapter 14: Knowledge Management and Decision Support Systems



Appendices (Available in eTextbooks and Online Only)