Meet the Team

Lucas Miglionico
Publisher’s Rep. & Assistant Editor




Lucas welcomes working with people from all over.  At Prospect Press, he synchronizes the sales and outreach programs.  Conversing with faculty, Lucas learns about their IS program and informs them about Prospect Press textbooks as a potential choice for their courses.  He pitches in with editorial, marketing, translation rights, making videos and updating the website.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in history at Concordia University.  Living in Montreal, he uncovered a love for travel and meeting new people.  Next, he went to the American Graduate School in Paris and Paris-Sud earning Masters’ degrees in international relations.  As president of the graduate student association, he helped relieve grad student stress by coordinating social gatherings and arranging a class trip to Budapest.

Lucas grew up in a small business household.  His father founded Vermont Snowflakes in 1991 collaborating with the Jericho Historical Society.  The company celebrates Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley whose great achievement was photographing the first image of a snowflake.  Bentley achieved his goal by attaching a bellows camera to a compound microscope in 1885. He took over 5000 pictures. His collection was the first to suggest that ‘no two snowflakes are alike’.  You can visit the new website that Lucas and his father rebuilt in 2019 at

Raised in the Green Mountains, Lucas has a fondness for all that is Vermont.  He treasures the laid-back lifestyle and exploring the small towns nestled in the countryside—bringing along a friend or making a new one along the way.  Sometimes these adventures involve finding a place to swim or set sail on a body of water and sampling a farm-to-table restaurant.